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On Mr. Lehman’s death in 1969, his entire collection, one of the most extraordinary and wide-ranging in the world, was bequeathed to the Foundation, on which responsibility devolved for carrying out Mr. Lehman’s wish that the collection be exhibited intact and in perpetuity in a manner evoking the ambiance of his ancestral home rather than that of an institutional collection.

Early History of the Collection: 1911–1920

When Philip began forming his collection in the early twentieth century, he was among an esteemed group of American collectors, including Isabella Stewart Gardner, Henry Clay Frick, and J.P. Morgan. His very first purchases dating to 1911, reflect his early interests in Old Master paintings, especially portraits of the Dutch, Spanish, and Italian schools, including works by Goya and a fifteenth-century Bolognese master.

Application Deadlines:
April 1 and September 15

The Board of Trustees of the Foundation reviews proposals on a bi-annual basis, with meetings generally held in October and May. Proposals to be considered at the May meeting must be received by April 1. Proposals to be considered at the October meeting must be received by September 15. The applicants will be notified x weeks after the submission date of their acceptance.

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Botticelli, The Annunciation, 1975.1.74, purchased 1928
Lorenzo Monaco (Piero di Giovanni), Last Judgment in an Initial C, 1406–7

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